Fender MIM Stratocaster The next step up from Squier is a Fender Stratocaster made in the company's factory in Mexico (as opposed to the company's U.S. facilities). The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. I honestly couldn’t be happier, it was easy to install, and my strat sounds amazing. The Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM) just might be the most popular guitar under $500. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. V-Mod Strat Pickup Set. Musiclily 11 Hole Loaded Strat Pickguard SSS Prewired Scratch Plate with Single Coil Pickups Set for Fender USA/Mexican Stratocaster ST Style Guitar Parts, 4Ply Tortoise Shell 4.5 out of 5 … For any of our strat bridges to fit your guitar you first must have an 1 3/4 inch thick body (44.5mm). The Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups offers enduring versatility across different sound applications. Re: Best cheap strat to mod? SSS configuration stratocaster with blender pot ( 7 sound options strat) Some say this is the oldest mods for strat, and i would say this is the best one. BLENDER MOD. Greasy Groove Custom Pickguards designed to fit Fender Stratocaster® guitars also known as Strat®. They are much more like P90's in construction than proper Strat pickups with 2 Bar magnets rather than the slug magnets. A buddy bought a Strat from a Best Buy, obviously made in Mexico, but had a great fretboard and body to begin with. In this video I upgrade my first year Mexican made Fender Stratocaster. I recently had a friends MIM Strat to pces doing some work on it. https://facebook.com/ngoneseven The accompanying re-fret video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs1xA5IocLU My completed 2007 Fender MIM Strat. Just google "Treble Bleed Mod" for a schematic. I've talked about Strat mods before but I figured it was time to talk about mods for this very specific guitar. The Fender Stratocaster is among the most iconic electric guitars to have ever been produced, and it’s been a major influence on the sounds of modern music. I've bought two within that range. 1) Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups. We partnered with this groundbreaking player to create the Ed O’Brien Stratocaster — an instrument as unique as his sound. We have had countless customers tell us that they perform this simple mod on every single Strat they own, so it cannot go without mention in this area.9) Points of String Contact- this would include the tremolo saddles, nut, strings trees and tuner posts. If you’re keeping Leo’s Tremolo operative, you’ll want to give yourself the best chance … The only real downside to the Fender strat is the price point. I got a prewired strat pickguard with the blues hot pickups and the blender mod with master tone for my 2012 MIM strat! I see MIM strats on sale for between $225 - $250 on Craigslist. ... Brass saddles were a popular mod in the 70s and 80s and are claimed to improve sustain and thicken up tone. 1. A blender pot allows you... 3. We look at three different Stratocaster bridge upgrade options, American and Vintage styles, that can fit in either Fender or Squier guitars. That’s right the Best Buy Electronics Store. Join. ! Basically all things being even I'd say the electronics and pickups are going to pretty much the same quality there. Using a blender pot is another great use for that 2nd tone control on a Strat. Voiced specifically for neck, middle, and bridge positions and meticulously designed for premium tone that appeals to modern guitarists, the pickups in this set are calibrated for optimum performance, whether used alone or combined. The MIM may be slightly better in that regard. You don’t need to believe me either, just look at their ratings on any eCommerce site. Cool runnings. The Squier Bullet Strat seen above, while cheap, is the best low-cost traditional Strat you can buy.And like I said just recently, "traditional" means the old-style 6-screw bridge and no tone control wired to the rear (bridge) pickup. Plus, if you really want that American Strat sound without breaking the bank, you can always buy an MIM and mod it with new pickups, electronics and hardware. Typical standard Fender Stratocaster guitar wiring with master volume plus 1 neck tone control and one middle pickup tone control. Ed O'Brien's ambient, ethereal and orchestral guitar style is an essential part of the sonic identity of Radiohead. I just got done with these mods on my MIM Strat. In pursuit of the holy grail of Strat tone. Well, here’s a recipe for a Strat that will ‘sing’… Easy MIM Strat Mods. In the words of the owl, “The world may never know.” Here’s a list of the things that I’ve done to my current Strat over the past 11 years: I think a MIM strat for $250 is a good deal. Better than expected! MIJ Fenders are even better, but a bit more expensive. Super Vee Blade Runner Tremolo Bridge. Here are the mods I did on my MiM strat: Loaded pickguard with Custom Shop '69 Strat pickups. They are always highly rated purchases. Please Note: This guitar wiring diagram is property of GuitarElectronics.com Inc. 12 Best Stratocaster Pickup Reviews and the Best Stratocaster Pickup Brands. To find out how, check out our articles on creating your DIY Stratocaster and selecting the best Strat pickups. How many Stratocaster mods can one do to this wonderful instrument? Fender dealer and repairer Phillip McKnight demonstrates five simple mods anyone can make to a Strat. The pickups look like Strat pickups until you turn then over to look at the back. We offer many Styles and Materials to choose from including Pearloid, Tortoise, Sparkle, Acrylic, Mirror/Metal Look, Transparent, Ply and more. The Fender Stratocaster could very well be the most iconic electric guitar of all time. Strings vibrate in an arc with minimum displacement near the nut and bridge. Noted pickup guru Tim Shaw engineered Fender V-Mod Strat pickups using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types. Tied with the pickups as best/most essential upgrade. Though it arrived a few years after the original Broadcaster/Esquire Teles that made history as the world’s first mass-produced solidbody electric, the Stratocaster quickly became Fender’s best-selling instrument, a tradition which has lasted to this day. Strat style guitar wiring diagram with three single coils, 5-way lever switch, 1 volume, 2 tones. Important Strat Dimensions For you to choose the correct Callaham bridge for your instrument, you must determine your body thickness, string spacing, and mounting spacing. Since it’s introduction in 1954, the Strat has been featured on countless recordings, and played by rock, punk, jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and country artists the … Reddit. Fast & Free shipping on many items! That's a personal preference. (1) 1 product ratings - Fender Player Stratocaster, Maple Fingerboard, 3 Tone Sunburst Finish - MIM Easy Squier Bullet Strat mods. Thanks for visiting. NECK-ON SWITCH. First: start with a Strat bought from ‘Best Buy’. By changing the wiring scheme, we convert the first tone pot into a blender pot, blending the pickups. The mods include installing locking tuners and a bone nut, filing fret ends (more a maintenance issue than a mod), installing a better output jack, and adding strap locks. The "7-way switch" or "Gilmour mod" is the easiest and most effective modification for your Stratocaster, giving you additional tones with minimal … I'd say a used MIM or Squier Classic Vibe are good choices. The Fralin quality and workmanship are as advertised! Great deals on Fender Stratocaster MIM Electric Guitars. My 2003 American Series Stratocaster has gotten some upgrades within the last 10 years…Strat Mods. I don't know much about what years are good, but the last MIM strat I bought is a 50 anniversary and the guy who sold it to me said I'd want to replace the vintage tuners. Compare prices on new and used Fender Standard Strats on Reverb. It was my first time working with soldering, and I am very pleased with the results. If you have guitar related questions, use the "Search" field or ask the community. Made life much easier for me, considering it was my first real venture into the electronics of a guitar. With these entry-level Fenders, you'll be able to find bodies made out of the tonewoods most associated with the iconic guitar, like ash and alder. That sort of pricing just isn’t realistic for the budge… This unbelievably simple mod will keep all of your Strat controls (switch and pots) in the very... 2. we will get a bridge+neck pickups option just like a telecaster(! Even the less glamorous deluxe models sit at around $800, and the American standard series that many players clamor for generally retails at around $1,000. For a Strat to sound its best, the strings must be able to ring cleanly and this is achieved through adjustments to the truss rod tension and saddle heights. If you want the best of the best, something like an American elite with the Fender name proudly emblazoned across the headstock will easily set you back over $1,500. If your body is under 1 3/4", you will need a cut down block. That’s why I NEVER hesitate to recommend G&L Guitars whether it be for, best stratocaster copy, best Fender Stratocaster under 1000, or the best stratocaster alternative. The neck on the MIM may be more to your liking or not.