ORDER NOW!! The Snake plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue gets a bad rap as a pedestrian choice, but this 'Whale Fin' variety is one of the most structurally unique plants we've come across yet! Learn how to repot, water, propagate and care for the Sansevieria Cylindrica. Find all the care information you need about the Shark Fin (Sansevieria masoniana "Victoria') on our Bloombox Club A-Z of plant care. The ‘King’ of the Snake Plants, the Whale Fin variety is known for its impressively large and wide leaves. I complained and got this one as a replacement I am very happy I transplanted it and it had nice new roots. The Sansevieria masoniana of the easiest to care for indoor plants. ... Care Free; Pet Friendly; And don’t forget to check our shop for a big range of indoor plants. Just received my whale fin plant and it is exactly what I expected it to be. Care guide for Sansevieria Masoniana. The ‘King’ of the Snake Plants, the Whale Fin variety is known for its impressively large and wide leaves. Description. Rare and complicated to the source, this whale fin snake plant (pup included!) Why buy one fin online for $45 & $50 when u can get a whole planter full for $100. Whale fin babies are adorable and plenty in the growing season. Christine said:I had to google it, I've never heard of a Whale fin plant, I think its gorgeous, I don't blame you one bit for getting one. I was very disappointed with the first whale fin I got it had a rotten root and the leaf was all shriveled. There are a lot of big leaves and even babies popping up. The Whale Fin Sansevieria is a chaotically easy to care for plant. Snake Plants convert CO2 into oxygen at night (as opposed to most other plants) so they are the most suitable plant to brighten up a bedroom and assist you to sleep better by breathing cleaner, oxygen-rich air all night lengthy. Sansevieria masoniana is a semi-succulent plant with wonderful, dark green leaves with smudged, light green spots and a unique purple-banded sheath (often below soil level). Minnetonka’s favorite family-owned garden center and plant nursery, Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka has acres of indoor plants, annuals, perennials, flowers, … Its enormous leaves make it an intriguing plant that is well worth the time to give it proper care. is for the collector plant parent. ! I luv this plant so get yours now you will not regret it. SPECIFICATIONS: Height: 10-11in Pot size: 6in CARE GUIDE: Water every 10 … This Sansevieria is nicknamed Whale Fin Snake Plant because of the unique shape of its unusually wide, paddle-like leaf. The Sansevieria masoniana is a type of snake plant called the shark fin or whale fin Sansevieria. Read about the ideal growing conditions for your Whale's fin plant or Mason's Congo. Height with Pot: 1’ - 1.5’ Nursery Pot Diameter: 6" Mason's Congo, Whale Fin, Shark's Fin. This architectural plant is a beauty to behold because of its unusual presentation and incredible size. In the wild I grow in clumps, but as … Feed monthly and water when bone dry. ADD DELIVERY PROTECTION TO YOUR ORDER AT CHECKOUT. Low light, direct light, cold, hot, it tolerates everything you send its way. Family: Asparagaceae Subfamily: Crassuloideae Genus: Sansevieria. This luscious beauty is not always the easiest plant to find. I am a mono-phyllic species. HEAT PACKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. Scientific Classification. Each 'Whale Fin' is unique in it's own curved shape — adding movement to those low light areas in your home.