(~?%), Rising Needles > Bouncing Fish: Very safe and versatile. Run-Off Buffered Vanish is great. The signature attack of the Sheikah clan, utilizing precise strikes to vulnerable areas. Once you have completely secured stage control, it’s time to push the opponent off stage. While playing Sheik again, VoiD has placed 9th at Glitch 7 - Minus World, defeating players such as Yeti and LeoN (albeit defeating LeoN using mainly Pichu) and 5th at Mainstage, defeating MVD, Muteace, and most notably Salem, while also taking MKLeo to game 5. Directional Air Dodges add landing options. Life gets a lot easier when you learn to Perfect Shield consistently. On platformed stages, use needles to repeatedly cover all non-jumping getups. ... Sheik score: 30 82.61 % upvotes Jigglypuff score: 30 75.00 % upvotes Wolf ... Or get easy kill confirms into your play like nair -> upsmash / dsmash. Kirby's up tilt is a great move for starting combos, continuing combos, kill confirms, and is the ONLY move that true combos out of down air at any point. When an interaction in the neutral is lost, the loser is repeatedly punished for doing so and is forced to diffuse the opponent’s aggression by any means possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me via Twitter (@HL_Contrary). (~?%), Tipper U-Smash upon opponent jumping/landing, Run-up U-Smash can hit the tipper on tall characters. List of Super Smash Bros. series characters, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, List of Music (The Legend of Zelda series). Because they are on a timer and forced to expend resources, it is in your best interest to remain patient, condition their responses, and punish them on reaction. Both the sour spot and sweet spot have utility. Intangible: Frame -. Appears from a Deku Nut's explosion while briefly emanating blue wisps. Example: If the opponent is standing at midrange, they have to constantly consider the role that Needles play in the neutral. Shield is the option that beats basically anything that isn’t a shield break, grab, or command grab. Top lane; Jungle; Mid lane; ADC; Support; Lol Cheatsheet; Guides 1; Tier Lists 515; Articles 18; Create a Tier List - Angle 77 -> 62 - BKB 80 -> 70 - KBG 90 -> 65 - Able to act after throw 50% faster Place "sheik" folder over "fighter" in Sm4shExplorer. Community driven database of Smash videos and statistics for players, characters & matchups, Community driven database for competitive Smash, This guide draws from a variety of sources, including Discord, Smashboards Forums, Smash Bros Subreddits, YouTube Channels, and direct advice from ranked players. Sheik is easily one of the most adaptive characters in the game, so it follows that she can take advantage of any tournament legal stage. Thus, Sheik was nonexistent in Ultimate's meta. incorrect info. FAF ?. Shielding as an opponent is falling can force them to not attack you. The positioning can be used to specifically mix-up their DI for an earlier kill. With some rage, this will kill around 110% on medium weight characters. Dash Cancel U-Smash is gonna be huge for ending stocks, The hitbox looks more generous than Smash 4. post now. It combos into aerials very well and can even setup kill 50/50 scenarios. Sheik’s kit allows for one of the strongest advantage states in the game, offering incredible flexibility, solid damage output, and staggering variety. Knowing how to kill as Fox has been a long-term problem for Fox players at all kinds of levels, but it is most prominent at mid and low level play. If she ever wants to sit back and observe or maintain the lead, she is free to camp with needles or turtle, walling out the opponent out with aerials. Bair is very very good for combing and killing. Matthew Pittard, who claims he worked for Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani for 10 months, says he was ordered to kill two people - one man and one woman - in Los Angeles in 2017. Frame Data? Once the opponent has been completely pressured offstage, most characters are reduced to using only a small handful of options: double jump, fast aerial attacks, air dodge, and recovery moves. Might be safe on shield from max distance? Might no longer have invincibility, but it still kills very early. 6-Needle Hit Throw: ?% x 6 = ?%, Frame ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, FAF ?. Play VS. matches, with Ganondorf being the 40th character to be unlocked. If it allows for follow-ups, F-Throw likely outclasses it for comboing and frame trapping. Opponents who avoid this will almost always buffer Roll. Sheik’s Double Jump Bouncing Fish is amazing at returning to center stage if the opponent doesn’t call out the first jump. Can someone list some kill confirms sheik has? U-Tilt/U-Smash punishes Standard Get-Up and Jump. A crafty technique passed down the Sheikah lineage, allowing fighters to vanish into thin air. She has less landing lag with her needles, which opens up some cool combos and kill confirms now that she can land and chase down an opponent. Harder to SDI, so this one will likely always kill at high percent. Partial-Needle Hit Throw: ?% Per Needle, Frame ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. Seems to still be a strong combo finisher and edge guarding staple, Using Bouncing Fish to force an air dodge or punish an air dodge will be huge. It’s primarily about understanding what your opponent wants to do, has wanted to do, and will want to do… and finding ways to snag hits while maximizing rewards and minimizing risks. The apparent inability to run through shields makes pivot grabs worse, Grab game will still be important in SSBU, but there will be less Grab > Imagination, Lower hitstun means grabs will have fewer followups, Grab clashing might make it even harder to convert. Now Sheik joins the battle wearing the Sheikah costume from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Vanish may be the best recovery move in the game, allowing for very safe recovery and early kills, while Needle Storm is easily the best projectile in the game, granting her unrivaled camping ability. This move is phenomenal for punishing both landings and jumps. (?%), N-Air/F-Air/B-Air > Tipper U-Smash: Kills earlier than Bouncing Fish, but strict. It can also be used to cross up shields, if need be. Example: Jump can be soft-punished with Needles on landing, medium-punished with an aerial combo, or hard-punished with an U-Smash. Sometimes I’ll be fighting a Sheik as link online, she gets massive combos on me up to 150%, but I always seem to win despite being at a disadvantage in neutral because Link is heavy, has good kill power/confirms, and Shiek is light, and struggles to secure stocks. The definitive spacing tool in the Sheikah arsenal, as it can beget whittle damage, kiting, gimps, and kill confirms. community member. This often guarantees a Bouncing Fish or series of aerials at low percents. They seem to be significantly less useful at higher percents and will rarely realistically grant a kill. It also makes her ridiculous ledge trapping possible. This allows either a hard punish or a ledge reset. Up Taunt: Performs the pike, a breakdancing move. Grenade can be used offstage now and has very little lag, making it significantly better, Running into shield will be less important, with more of an emphasis on crisp movement, C-Bouncing may be taken out, unfortunately, Because run > shield is worse, Instant Needle Cancels may be huge… and a LOT easier to do, Limited landing lag on all aerials will make neutral even easier. A good setup into U-Air and Vanish at early and mid percents, though its use as a kill confirm is very, very situational. B-Air is great for this. You will usually have multiple types of options at your disposal, so it’s important to weigh the risk and reward of each type of aggression. Refreshing these moves with pummels, normals, and needles is your friend. Hidden Power Fire: Grounded Vanish Trap upon unsafe approach/getup. It is great for racking up damage, starting combos, and punishing aggressive movement. Finding a natural balance between these techniques is the best way to play Sheik. Punish that with an F-Smash for a cleaner kill. Complete one of the following: 1. Early Hit: %, Frame, FAF . A simple vertical launch, reminiscent of the gentle Deku race.