Posted by. Mime Jr cannot currently be fished in the wild and is limited only to eggs. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Mime Jr. location is during a snowstorm within the Wild Area. Mime can still be caught in the wild, but he is also only in Europe, as he has been from the start. A Mime Jr that meets the previously mentioned criteria can evolve into a Galarian Mr. Gender ratio is 50/50 for Mime Jr. and Mr. u/bigheadedcat. Mime hatched from the egg. 6 comments. How to Get Mime Jr in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Mime Jr. To get Mime Jr, will I have to put my spoof account in Europe and send gifts to my main account in the US, in hopes I’ll get a 7km egg that hatches him? Mime when it levels up AND knows the move Mimic. Mime Egg from the pairing (have a female Mr. Mime, all you’ll have to do is level it to 42 where you’ll then begin the process of evolving into Mr. Rime, according to Serebii. Is this correct? A Mime Jr. from a … Mr. User Info: Bucky_Katt. Individuals will also have a chance to get a shiny version of the creature. Mime Jr. Close. Once you get this new Mr. Unfortunately, this region exclusivity means players who are not in Europe do not have an opportunity to catch this rare creature for their teams. How do I get Mime Jr.? Bucky_Katt 10 years ago #1. Mime, which has been … Mr. share. 0. It was first seen in Pokémon Advanced Battle, and is one of the few Sinnoh Pokémon to be seen before all the Generation IV games, shows, and merchandise came out. If you can't stand the heat get off the car hood - Bucky Katt Get Fuzzy. Mime Jr. will be available for players to hatch in 5km eggs in Europe throughout the World Tourism Day event. Mime Jr. seemed to be held back because of its odd status as the baby Pokémon for a regional exclusive: it evolves into Mr. I breed a male and female Mr. mime and another Mr. Mime Jr. (Japanese: マネネ Manene) is a Psychic/Fairy-type Baby Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. 8 months ago. User Info: lastchild076. Finding a Mime Jr. is relatively rare, however, even if you are looking in the right place. Mime or breed with Ditto). Archived. Mime Jr. Pokémon Pokédex providing all details on moves, stats, abilities, evolution data and locations Mime, so get 3-4 Eggs before taking the parents back (just take back Mr. save hide report. Mr. Just as in previous Pokemon games, Mime Jr is a very rare spawn in Sword & Shield, made even … lastchild076 10 years ago #2. Mime (either gender) must hold Odd Incense and you must be able to normally get a Mr.