Wall tiles with smooth edges use a grout joint of approximately 2mm in size, whereas floor tiles with smooth edges will likely require a … Welcome to our handy tile calculator which will help you calculate the number of tiles you need for your project and the size of the area you need to tile. He has done a great job, providing the basic fact which would guide any builder from being swindled. I read production engineering but i gain much, once am ready within the shortest possible time i will consult you for advise or to recommend a contractor for me. By substituting the volume of that concrete into this formular you get 32 number of bags of cement as against 23bags of cement. i.e, 1.5m3 dry= 1m3 wet. Calculate for quantity of items to fill for a total project need of cement in cubic feet and cubic yards. The figures shown are quite correct. hope 947sq ft ie 88sq meter is ok for a moderate 3 bedroom flat with a masterbedroom. Nevertheless, your initiative is highly commended. thanks. Pls if u notice anyfin contrary, u can also contribute instd of critisin. Choose your adviser wisely, gd day.i really appreciate ur advices on building construction. ; Wall Tile Calculator Calculate how many wall tiles you need based on your wall area size. Well, i do appreciate ur nice idea, pls keep it up. ft required approx 40 bags of cement, 100 sq. Finally for every calculation in building construction u need an allowance of atleast 25percent. pls reply asap.. pls, how did u calculate for the volume of a bag cement? How to start a Construction Company without a Dime or from ground zero. We know that volume increased by 33% in case of dry volume calculation so we multiply cofactor 1.33 in wet volume for calculation of dry volume. (Q3) calculate quantity of cement mortar for flooring tile installation of 2000 sq. I just wanna thank God 4 u, u’ve really solved a problem dat has been troubling me 4 years now….i love u n i wish u d best all d tym. It will also help you to discover youself. assume mortar thickness = .025 m. Emma is an architect n nt either a QS or Structural/ Civil Engr. The price of failure ultimately falls on the engineer. Foundation footing, mortar, dpc cast, Iintel, arch etc. Multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage. You know what, you are simply writing your name in gold and leaving your footsteps in the sands of time. Firstly, I would like to say to all the critiques. God bless you. 450mm(breadth) x 72.5m (entire length) x 150mm(foundation base thickness)=4.894m3. Critics please you don’t have anything to offer leave the site. All d same o, Thumbs up bro. I hav learn alot 4rm ur site then i will said thank u. Ifelola u are quite sound and well read…thumbs up to u for the explicitness in ur approac. Cement = 1/7*1.52*1440/50 (i.e 6.25 bags per m3 of concrete) Remember  volume of one bag of cement is 0.03, then divide 0.7m3 by 0.03, Also if the ratio is in 1:3:6, simply add 1+3+6=10, Divide volume of concrete by 10 to get the required volume of cement in concrete. … I agree with Ogbonna, even by the “rule of thumb” of about 6 – 7 bags of cement/cub.m in concrete mix 1:2:4 you will not use less than 30 bags, ideally 35 bags. For any question, you can inbox me at oluwadare81@yahoo.co.uk, @Ifelola, I want to say yours must be one of the very best comments I have seen in this site. Number of Tiles required = 169 tiles (Approx) *Wastage – Rendered wastage & damaged tiles. OBSERVATION: I am working on a pile cap, you also have to consider the volume of the reinforcement bars which will add up, thus covering for wastage’s. For total volume of cement in ratio 1:2:4, add the numbers together,1+2+4=7. Roofing Calculator Calculate how much roofing material is needed. ‘cuz a good engineer or an experienced site worker should know dat 4 wateva values given by calculatns, a percentage z given 4 wastage. M stands for ‘mix’ and this alphabet usually changes from country to country in some country its called like C10 and number is compressive strength at the age of 28days curing period of curing temp 27c+/-2c Repeat these steps for each wall drawn on your sheet. Tile coverage calculation – tile calculation... How to calculate number of tiles required for flooring... What is the minimum grade of concrete for RCC work? Vol of cement = 1/(1+2+4)*1.52=0.217 m3. Its value is 1.52. very! thanks and God bless u..kindly send me ur email. Note: when calculating volumes for plaster always add additionals of at least 10% to account for wastege and uneven block work. thanks. Taking the thickness of block as 150mm or 6” the foundation base is taken as 150mm(or 0.15m x 3)=450mm or 0.45m or 18”. I really appreciate your explanation on “Cement and its Volumtion” May God empower you more knowledge. This free tile calculator estimates the total number of tiles needed to cover an area such as a floor, wall, or roof. I lives in Lagos so call me and we can schedule a meeting. ft. We can discuss this privately if the need arises. Regards. As for Etubi you are 100% correct I am very! This is pure practical. We know 1 bag of cement = 0.035 m3. Tank God bless and commence ur effort,i will be api if my requist is granted. Thanks may God bless you.May i have your email please.I appreciated. It also depends on your agreement, may be you are working on daily pay basis or contract basis. Emma..u really did a good work….thumbs up. Volume of 1 bag of cement= 50/1440=0.3472 m3 (1440 is density of cement) I have experience in designs and construction but i stil find som many interestin tins to learn here, notin is wrong in hav diff solns for one qne. The easy way to calculate the quantity of cement and sand in mortar is by volume and we often use this method. We know that 1 bag cement is equal to 1.226 cft 1bag cement volume=1.226 cft Number of bag of cement=4.43/1.226=3.6 3.6 bags (180 kg) cement required for wall tile installation in … I fink dis is rili a “gud job”. Good engineers crave for mor knowledge and finds diff ways to achieve one task. We all work together to compliment each other though. How to calculate numbers of blocks from a building plan. Once the cement is dry, apply the bonding agent that should give the surface a rough texture. The proposed project is in Benin city, I am about to start a small project in Nigeria- a four flat (with three bedrooms each) 21/2 bathrooms ; each master bedrooms are to have their own baths – replica of houses here in Dallas or Florida. Mr. people should realise I am more like the troubleshooter and I don’t know all, that’s why I really appreciate your contribution. Please note: an additional 10% is automatically added to the total to allow for wastage. WALL TILE ADHESIVE. their background suggest more of a detailed calc. I am sure the critcs in this forum without a superior opinion got their thumbs burnt. 3. AND 4 GOD’S SAKE, he allowed 4 wastages in d vol of a cement bag (0.035~0.03). Thanks a lot Emmanuel. That being said, the lesson is that Emma should humbly leave room for complimentary comments, not to be too authoritative, so as not to mislead. OR. I really appreciate each and every body contribution here and there all infact, those that attended environment courses or engineering courses{civil engineering}I believe there shld be conversion,in calculation which will result to same answer,either u calculate in cubic or bags.instead,of argument. D truth is dat u cnt satisfy every body. Thanks, Due to several emails to my inbox requesting how to calculate volumes for plaster, i feel an obligation to return to this post to explain the procedures. For wall tiles, cement based adhesive or some ready mixed adhesives can be used.