When a person is allergic to lotions, the reaction is likely to be on the skin where it was applied. One of the first things she said about the new serum was that it didn’t leave her face tingling like the Skinceuticals one did, which made her wonder if it was less potent. Such skin still needs moisture, especially after using skin care products that remove oils and dry the skin. The benefits this gives your skin – aside from just tanning it – are what make this one of the best tingle tanning lotion products. In general, a tingling or numb feeling in the skin is a sign that a nerve is irritated and sending extra signals, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. I put on the Neutrogena after Duac in the morning, and after RAM at night; I wait about 1/2 hour. "[It] has skin-hydrating properties to calm and soothe dry skin," he says. It’s a mild tingling sensation which didn’t go away. These men's face moisturizers are the best for every skin type, from dry and flaky, to shiny and oily. The Complete Guide To Layering Acids In Your Skincare Routine, How To Choose The Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type, Allantoin: The Soothing Ingredient You Didn’t Know Your Skin Needed. The lotion is likely to irritate the skin, causing it to burn or tingle. what should I do? “If you put a product on your face and you feel like your face is swelling or you have redness and itching and tingling, and it persists for definitely greater than 10 or 15 minutes, I would wash it off,” Patel added, clarifying that a mild, “transient” tingling sensation that dissipates in a minute or two might just be a normal aspect of the product and your skin’s reaction to it. I have sensitive skin, eczema, and mild acne. Dawn Davis, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist. If it lasts that little, it’s probably nothing to worry about. After cleansing, moisten cotton ball with knockout tingling treatment Sweep over décolleté, neck & then your face, avoiding the contour of the eyes Allow face to dry & follow up with our drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer (BONUS: it cools & calms the skin!) I was younger and stupidly assumed that it was because “that means it’s super good and works fast”….. *facepalm*. Apply a good moisturizer How interesting! 2. Bronzing formula with tingles ; 10 oz bottle ; Moisturizing ingredients are present like hemp seed oil, mangosteen, and vitamin C. Pros If you’re doing an at-home chemical peel for example, she said the tingling should go away once you wash the product off. I use it every night after cleansing my skin. I'm a guy and 15 Okay so recently my face started to get dry so i went to the store and bought a moisturizer to help my face. Related: How To Choose The Best Exfoliator For Your Skin Type? So, the less you use these ingredients, the better. They key is reading the labels and knowing what to expect. So sorry this happened to you! I use it only 2-3x per week, and I like it. If you don’t use them at all, great. Basically, they substitute one type of inflammation for another. If your face is burning after applying a product, you should proceed with the utmost caution. The only time I experienced something like this was with a face mask, can’t remember the brand but it was a peal-off mask. story highlights Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may feel tingling, burning, itching, dryness, redness or tightness after a chemical peel, and see peeling or flaking within a week. (The Drunk Elephant product has been cited as a dupe for the more costly Skinceuticals version, and I had recommended she give it a shot.).