PATHS Safety Talk Topics. When using a tool like this, you can easily document your talks … While the talk is framed as 1 minute, the safety talk conductor should encourage interaction and conversation around the topic which can take the meeting beyond 1 minute, and also set the stage for further investigation into that issue. EHS subject matter expert contacts are listed on each slide. Traffic safety - Traffic and vehicles cause countless incidents on sites, partially because of how complacent people have become around driving and vehicles. An app like this enables a supervisor or talk conductor to create a new digital form every day for each 1 minute safety talk, to document down important talking points, get attendees to sign off on their attendance in seconds, and then all of these records are instantly synced to the cloud. safety talk. The term tailgate meetings comes from the … His aim is to bring awareness to a brighter future for the heavy industries where people and companies work smarter. Best Practices. Share 0. Drawing attention to quick and easy safety wins like. Use this list to find specific safety topics … There are a few ways to Take 5 for safety: You could take five minutes to do a safety drill or take five minutes to surprise an employee with a safety … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On average, they are in the range of 5 or 10 minutes … How often they are held depends … Last Updated on November 6, 2020 by clflores. Touching on what to do in the event of a fire, where to assemble and other important procedures can be the difference between life and death. One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to properly document your safety topics and safety activities using a safety meeting app. Networking & Resources. Working at heights safety - Working at heights is the most common cause of injury and fatalities all over the world. The easiest way to do this well is to us a safety meeting app. Falling is the third leading cause … 4 Steps to setting up your computer world; A Pinch of Prevention; Aggressive drivers; Asbestos; B. The other great thing about covering electrical safety in a 1 minute safety talk is that electrical safety is applicable to everyone - and yet many people don't know it very well. In addition to the list below, you can also see all the slides listed via Google Drive. Keeping vehicle and traffic safety top of mind and covering what people think they know is a great way to reduce incidents. Health & safety committee member Health care provider Vocational rehabilitation provider Each slide delivers focused talking points that can be presented in any meeting as a one minute opener or to launch a more extensive discussion. Great for timely reminders to employees the importance of on-the-job safety. One of the main benefits for companies who choose to engage in 1 minute safety talks comes from the fact that they can document and track the different safety topics they have talked about and flag specific issues brought up during the talk to management so improvements can be made. See all materials for this topic that is in the members library. Workplace safety is one of the biggest concerns of any business, and rightfully so. If you do this regularly, then you will be getting constant and reliable feedback and suggestions about many different elements of safety every day. While safety should never be rushed or second priority to production or progress, a short safety meeting or safety talk is always better than none at all. Safety talks are one of the easiest ways to foster better safety practices, processes and outcomes on your sites or in your workplace. Document assembly, automation & analytics, Digital ID cards and contactless signatures, Digitise & streamline your standard operating procedures.