He was the first of a long line of dictators in Paraguay and he ruled until his death in 1840. University education was, however, restricted to the few who could afford studies at the University of Córdoba, in presentday Argentina. Paraguay became independent of Spain in 1811 and Jose Gaspar Rodriguez Francis became the dictator. Paraguay celebrates this day of Independence from Spanish rule on May 15. Now, Independence Day is celebrated every May 14th. He in turn was succeeded by his son Francisco Solano Lopez. He was followed by Carlos Antonio Lopez, who ruled Paraguay until 1862. Paraguay declared its independence by overthrowing the local Spanish authorities in May 1811. Independence Day History. Father and son dictators Carlos Antonio López and Francisco Solano López succeeded Francia from 1841 to 1862 and 1862 to 1870, respectively. Answer to: When did Paraguay gain independence? (Source: InfoPlease) 9. The country’s third dictator, Francisco López, waged war against Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina in 1865-1870. In 1811, Paraguay gained independence from Spain. This revolt started tensions between the settlers and the royals, and because of Spain's weakening from the war against France, the people of Paraguay were able to take over and gain independence. Independence was recognized by Portugal in August 1825. The first country in the new world behind the U.S. Paraguay created this Independence Day to commemorate the nations statehood from the Spanish in 1811. The War of the Triple Alliance between Paraguay and [the alliance of] Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil (1865-1870) Argentina facts and history in brief 23 Mar 2010 I did not even try to go out of my house, and I resigned myself to drinking also the year Paraguay gained its independence from Spain, They did this in 1811 by first, revolting against the royals who ruled the country. Most residents of Asunción and virtually all rural settlers were illiterate. By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions. Yerba maté, for instance, was priced practically out of the regional market. Colonial Period Background Paraguay was colonized in the 16th century by Spain Viceroyalty of Peru and the Audiencia of Charcas held authority over Paraguay, while Madrid neglected the colony Paraguay was held in high standards and showed promise, but failed to flourish as time Independence was declared on May 17. Because Paraguay was located far from colonial centers, it had little control over important decisions that affected its economy. Custom Search The Spanish actually withdrew on May 14th, but Paraguay celebrates its independence on May 15th. However, three dictators governed it during the first 60 years of independence. Paraguay was the only major country in Spanish America to undergo a major social revolution as a direct result of independence. Independence Day in Paraguay Date in the current year: May 14, 2020 The independence of Paraguay from Spain was declared on May 1811 after a bloodless revolution led by José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia. The Spanish withdrew on May 14; however, the Paraguay people celebrate it on May 15. Paraguay at independence was a relatively undeveloped area. When did these countries gain their Independence from Spain Paraguay gained independence in 1811. In achieving independence, Paraguay first had to fight the forces of Argentina. The Brazilian Empire The Empire of Brazil, founded in 1822 when the prince regent of Portugal, Pedro I, declared its independence from Portugal, was a relatively stable and democratic constitutional monarchy that … Paraguay Independence Day is a public … Urban elites did have access to private schools and tutoring. Spain appropriated much of Paraguay's wealth through burdensome taxes and regulations.