Take a chair. Demonstrate mutual respect. Inclusion means being respectful regardless of position or title. During this hospital stay, how often did nurses treat you with courtesy and respect? A perfectly ordinary workday. 1-Never 2-Sometimes 3-Usually 4-Always . Make Sure Nurses Treat Patients with Courtesy and Respect. Resist the impulse to provide an on-the-spot solution in favor of truly listening. If a patient received conflicting information about discharge from two caregivers, for … As UCLA Health System employees, it is our responsibility to treat patients, families, visitors and each other with courtesy, dignity, respect and professionalism. Communication- The practice of C-I … Build cultural awareness. What can we do to show our respect for our patients? Make a new friend. The following are specific expectations by which all employees are measured in their performance evalulations. Start a conversation and learn something new. Ask. Kick out visitors (politely) before you start examining a patient. Respect this and don’t just sit down there. During this hospital stay, how often did nurses listen carefully to you? The lost art of common courtesy in medicine; Patient … Find out what respect means to others. What can I do to be courteous? 1-Never 2-Sometimes 3-Usually 4-Always . “Respectful treatment honors the patients and their family and all of their unique characteristics. Always be polite. Affirmation is a key way of showing respect to others. Be honest and sincere with them. Treat every patient equally. “One of the fundamental tenets of nursing is respect for all people,” said Connie Barden, RN, MSN, CCRN-E, CCNS, chief clinical officer of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Unless you’re the patient… Would it kill you to treat your patients with respect? During this hospital stay, how often did nurses explain things in a way you could understand? In order be respectful, we need to: Be courteous around our patients, Validate all their actions, and . However, fast-paced hospitals and clinics can put a crimp in courtesy over time. The first of the 27 questions on the HCAHPS Survey concerns nurse courtesy. Respect. Repeat back to the patient what you just heard. The good news is, nurses generally have good bedside manner to begin with. 1. BTW: It doesn’t make it any better, if you ask prior to that, because many patients can’t say no to a doctor. “We treat our patients with courtesy and respect.” “In order to provide the best possible care, please tell us how we can always…” “Our doctors and nurses always listen carefully to you.” “We want to always explain things to you in a way you can understand.” To Show Courtesy means to honor our patients. Always, always, make sure patients are treated with courtesy and respect. (Behavioral standards for courtesy and respect work here too!) There shouldn’t be anybody else is in the room besides: medical personell and bed neighbors. Differences are barriers only if we allow them to be. Medical staff should treat patients as individuals and treat them with dignity, the Nice guidance states. 1. Treat others the way they want to be treated. “You were incredibly patient and understanding when dealing with that difficult situation.” “You make me smile every time I see you.” You may not respect every aspect of who they are and what they do, but you can give them appropriate respect at the level that affirms them.