I also picked up a GoPro camera on the bottom that my dive buddy had dropped earlier as well, then floated up to about 15' for a safety stop to hang out for a few minutes. SCUBA Diving at the Homestead Crater. It's a little spooky at first being inside this rock dome staring at dark water. Just be warned! There is nowhere to really swim to, no current, not much to see, etc. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Make a point of checking out this place! Underwater lights have been mounted at 20 and 40 feet inside the spring, however it still gets rather dark, so it would be advisable to carry a dive light. Take Highway 40 south for approximately 15 miles to Heber City, Utah. The Crater while a big attraction to tourist who spend their time relaxing in the warm waters after a day of skiing or mountain biking, is also a huge dive attraction, drawing several thousand of scuba divers and  certification courses to its warm waters year round. With the water temperature so warm, a wetsuit is simply not necessary, and one can dive in their swimsuits. When you can dive in 90+ degree waters when the outside temp. I dove while my son was obtaining his open water certification with an instructor over the Thanksgiving weekend (two days). Learn how your comment data is processed. was rather chilly but the temp. The Homestead Crater; Search. Sound interesting enough? We brought our two boys and we all thought it was cool. Not very exciting, but it just feels good. It is a PADI dive shop, so I got myself an air tank and some weights (I brought my scuba gear with me) while my wife changed into a swim suit, got a mask & snorkel.I didn't have a 'dive buddy' arranged but the folks at the crater had someone on the list looking to scuba as well at about the same time I wanted to go. At the stop sign in Midway, turn left and follow the signs to the Homestead Resort. With the water temperature so warm, a wetsuit is simply not necessary, and one can dive in their swimsuits. You’ll find a whole community there of divers, instructors, dive operations, and everything to do with SCUBA diving, free diving, and photography. We don’t actually work with dive instructors directly, but I would encourage you to check out http://ScubaBoard.com. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Thank you for any information to make this happen ! You can even get scuba certified at the only warm scuba destination in the Continental US. There are also a couple of other features (wagon wheel, hoop) at about 30'. I read the reviews and didn't expect to see much in the crater, and they are right. A huge hot springs "Inside" a crater. Head west on I-80 (approximately 400 miles) to Highway 40. Sign up. Homestead Resort Crater - Swimming and Scuba Diving. Follow. Either way, we enjoyed ourselves immensely but you may not get the same opportunity if you go. Which is about 100 yards southwest of the entrance to the Crater in a separate building. However there are no restrooms in the actual facility. No external links have been submitted. Over all a fun time but could be better. Crater operator Craig Simons talks about how his family and 15 tons of dynamite opened up the crater for the public to enjoy. One only needs a swim suit, no exposure suit necessary. The large rock dome has a hole at the top which lets in the natural sunlight and air. Jan 1, 2013 - Forty feet underwater I closed my eyes, pulled off my mask, and continued to breathe long and deep through my regulator while the other SCUBA students watched. What will my final cost be for one female and one male to accomplish this ? © 2020 Leisure Pro. One set of underwater lights are located on another platform at about 20'. You can only see the 55-foot limestone mound that sits over it, offering shelter and protection. As always here at Angel Eye Photography we encourage trade and barter services with our local businesses. There is a small water area with benches adjacent to the main open water area to gather for instruction or don equipment.