Why doesn't the disabling of the Caps Lock key have any effect? View 1 response to this answer on our full site 7. 5. macOS keyboard layout switch bug. This should help, but in order to test open up an email message and begin typing hopefully all your words will come out coherently without the need for more capital letters. Looks like rebooting the server helps. Hot Network Questions Your answers to these questions will help us zero in on or eliminate a couple of possibilities: - Stuck CAPS LOCK key - Slide master or Layout set to produce all capital letters - Using a font that includes only uppercase (CAPS) letters my computers caps lock will sometimes get stuck on. If you are at a login window, then press the caps lock key multiple times, you should see the caps lock icon appear (and disappear) in the password window. After the reboot login again. If you would like to disable the Caps Lock key, you can do so using Apple's Keyboard system preferences. Randomly in mind typing of a paper, my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro started typing in all caps. pressing the caps lock key will toggle the light on the keyboard, but will not affect the software. Macbook pro won't start after update to Mojave. Still all CAPS? If you're really stuck and ONLY caps are being typed, the link above has a sample script to toggle caps on and off. 2. In a firm motion, press the Caps Lock key again. Apple Extended Keyboard 2 - Caps lock key doesn't work in macOS High Sierra? While trying to figure out what was going on in Safe Boot, it then randomly switched back to lower-case and finally allowed to boot regularly. i can only fix it with a restart, which is usually a real pain. 1. From time to time the (Apple USB) keyboard of my imac (21.5-inch, Mid 2010, mac os 10.12.5) gets stuck on caps lock (namely all letters are printed capital, and I can't turn capital off), and I have to unplug the USB cable to fix this; when I plug it back, the light is on, and I can turn caps lock off. Perhaps your keyboard is bad, or you are trying the wrong password (caps/case has to be correct when typing passwords.) Dude, thank you so much for this tip! imac: keyboard stuck on caps lock. I was just about to start cleaning my keyboard to see if the Capslock key had dirt under it or something, I couldn’t figure it out. i frequently toggle it on and off during my job, and sometimes it will come on and stay on. I then restarted the computer and it booted to safe mode. What font is the text set in? If you see that icon on & off, then the caps lock is not the issue. Now its typing in all caps yet again. macbook permanent caps lock, cant log in pls help My Mac is locked in caps lock mode and I can’t login because my password isn’t in all caps. Try to login through the console (although having the caps lock stuck) and issue the reboot command: sudo reboot You will be logged out. If you can type normally in the username field, you can ignore the CAPS Lock warning in the password field. I could change my password through iCloud, however that doesn’t fix the caps lock issue. Hope this helps!